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Team Bonding for Corporate Groups

Updated: May 10, 2022

In the new age of working from home, team bonding is more important than ever. The North Shore Adventure Park's high ropes course and ziplines provides an outdoor, socially distanced way to connect with your employees and coworkers — in person!

After a year of social isolation, bonding with teammates and coworkers is essential in making organizations feel connected again.

Team Building vs Team Bonding

Many organizations have participated in team building activities. These are organized activities that focus on completing a specific task or challenge as a team. They usually have a facilitator leading the entire group.

The North Shore Adventure Park offers a wonderful opportunity for team bonding!

Nothing brings people together like collectively stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new. The Adventure Park provides just that — in

a way that is safe and fun for everyone.

How does it work? Participants explore the ropes courses and ziplines at their own pace and go only as far as they feel comfortable. Because it is all about celebrating individual accomplishments, there is no pressure to complete the task as a team, or to feel embarrassed if they are not at the same level as their coworkers.

Wi-Fi and other amenities

Need to check in at work? No problem. Free Wi-Fi is available at the park, since technically, you are working! Several picnic table areas are located under the ropes courses which can be used for work space.

Catering and food options are available through local vendors. We also have water and sanitizer throughout the park.


The North Shore Adventure Park is located 1 hour north of Duluth, in Silver Bay, MN. Our forested adventure park is built in the trees, across the road from Lake Superior.

Enjoy the park-like setting, the creek that runs through, and the view of Lake Superior. We are near many attractions like State Parks, Black Beach, Palisade Head, Split Rock Lighthouse, and more. See more attractions in Silver Bay, MN.

Schedule your group today!

May and June, as well as September and October are the best times to bring your group to the North Shore Adventure Park. We are happy to schedule groups throughout the season as well (May - October).

Fill out our Group Request Form and we will reply.

Learn more about the North Shore Adventure Park

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