North Shore Adventure Park


Frequently asked questions

Are Reservations Required?

We ask our guests to make a reservation online - even if you do it at the last minute. If you want to climb on a specific day or time, we recommend making a reservation in advance. We fill up quickly and there is not always room for last minute reservations. Best of all, you save $5 by booking online compared to doing it in person!

What If I Don’t Show up at My Reserved Time?

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to climb if you do not arrive on time. Each time slot has limited availability. There are no refunds, credits, or extensions given to those that do not show up for their reservation withough having contacted us.

How Should I Dress?

Close-toed shoes are required! No exceptions. Wear fitted clothing that will not hang loose and get tangled in cables and rope. Remove any loose jewelry. Long hair should be tied back.

What are the Age, Height, or Weight Restrictions?

Kids between the ages of 7-13 require supervision from the ground, or to be accompanied by an adult on some of the aerial trails and ziplines. Refer to our Park Rules page for details. Children ages 3-6 may climb at the Lil’ Rascals Adventure Park and must be accompanied by a guardian. There are no height restrictions. There is an individual weight limit of 265 lbs for each participant

Is a Ticket Required to Watch?

Friends and family can watch for free!

What Amenities Are Available? Are There Picnic Tables?

There are several picnic areas around the park available for reservation. Picnic table reservations can be added at the time of your online ticket reservation. There are walking paths for observing climbers and benches along the way. Fire pit area & Gift Shop.

Is Food Service Available?

The North Shore Adventure Park does not offer food service. But you may pack a picnic, or order take out from a local restaurant and enjoy it at the park. Please take away anything you bring, including trash.

Does the North Shore Adventure Park Host Groups?

We love groups! Groups of 15 or more are encouraged to contact us in advance for special packages. For more information, see our Groups Page!

What Equipment is Provided?

A harness, smart safety clips, trolley and gloves are provided with your admission ticket. You may also purchase gloves at the time of your ticket reservation or at our retail store at the park. See more detail about gloves in the next question.

Do I need Gloves?

Gloves are essential to protect your hands on the course so they don’t get cut or chapped. You will be gripping heavy rope and cable on the obstacles. We offer gloves that you can borrow at no charge. These are steralized after each use. There is also the option to purchase gloves at the time that you make your online reservation. We have three varieities available for $7. They are also available for purchase at our park retail store. If you bring your own gloves, we suggest tight-fitting gloves that allow your fingers the dexterity to clip/unclip your carabiner and to tightly grip rope and cable. Typical options may include close-fitting athletic gloves or yard gloves.

Do I Have to Be Really Fit?

Most people who are in good health and able-bodied will be able to complete some, if not all, of the trails. We always suggest starting on an easier course and work your way up. Proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you. This is a great time to challenge and surprise yourself. You can do more than you think!

Are High Ropes Courses and Ziplines Safe?

Keeping all of our guests safe is our primary responsibility and something we take very seriously. Participants must follow the safety rules at all times. Prior to climbing, each participant must watch an instructional video and will be fitted with a harness (please bring your own gloves). Park monitors are always on the ground to offer coaching or instructions. The Adventure Park employs an “always locked on” climbing system, which utilizes interlocking carabiners (safety clips). This innovative safety system virtually eliminates the potential of a climber becoming detached from a safety line while in the trees. All participants must sign a liability waiver each time they visit the park. An electronic waiver will be included with your online purchase confirmation.

What Is Your Covid-19 Policy?

We comply with the State of Minnesota Covid-19 protocols. Mask requirements: The Adventure Park requires face masks while harnessing and on the practice line. Guests may remove their face masks while climbing but are required to wear them if they are being assisted by our staff on the zipline or other elements. Non-climbing guests have more options to social distance and may not need a mask. Additional mitigations: Online reservations Limits on reservation numbers Social distancing rules Hand sanitizer stations Enhanced cleaning of gear and gloves New gloves for sale Private picnic areas See our Covid-19 page for more details.

Is the North Shore Adventure Park Certified?

The North Shore Adventure Park is built to the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Their specifications are among the most stringent ropes course safety standards in the world. The park was built by Outdoor Venture Group, LLC., one of the best-known designers and builders in North America. It is operated by the North Shore Adventure Park, which is based in Silver Bay and Duluth. The park is inspected every year by a third-party certified by the ACCT, an international trade association dedicated to safety, standards, credentialing, and the advancement of the Adventure Park industry.

Can a 6-Year-Old Climb on the Big Course?

Children 6 and younger must start on the Li’l Rascals course and practice their skills with supervision by a parent. If the parent feels the child can handle the yellow course (the easiest course on the "big course"), she or he should ask a staff member to watch the child navigate the Lil' Rascals course first before moving to the Yellow. This ‘graduation’ to the yellow course is based on staff review. Parent supervision is required at all times on all courses.

Can You Do the Zip Line Only?

No, the ziplines are part of the high ropes courses. However, our 400-foot dual racing ziplines are along one of the easy courses. This course can be done as many times as a guest desires within their 2.5-hour climb time.

What If There Is Inclement Weather?

The Adventure Park is open rain, shine, or cold! However, the park will temporarily close during thunderstorms or high winds. In the event that your climb is interrupted, or you didn't get to climb due to weather, you will receive a return voucher. Vouchers never expire and are transferrable to friends and family.

Which courses can kids ages 7 - 13 go on by themselves?

Our age guidelines specify that kids between 7 - 13 may be solo on some courses, but must be accompanied by an adult on others. If you think your child will want to advance to more difficult course, but there is no adult climbinb with them, inquire IN ADVANCE about hiring one of our guides. It is difficult for us to provide a guide at the last minute.

What conditions restrict someone from climbing?

The following individuals are restricted from participation: •Those under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. • Pregnant women beyond the first trimester. • Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions which may be aggravated by participation (recent surgery, chronic back issues, etc.). • Individuals who demonstrate aggressive or improper behavior. •Individuals who suffer from severe anxiety disorders, seizures or regular fainting spells

May I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash and attended to at all times. Please pick up after your dog and dispose properly of waste. We have limited trash capacity at the park.