North Shore Adventure Park

Park Rules

Booking Online In Advance is Recommended

Make a reservation online to get the best rates and help with our social distancing initiatives. 


By booking online in advance (from your car, hotel, or where ever), it reduces the number of people around our registration and welcome area. 


Our occupancy is limited, so be sure to book early to choose the best times!

All Climbers are Required To:

  • Wear closed-toe shoes, no exceptions. 

  • Watch the safety video. 

  • Wear and use safety harnesses and equipment at all times. 

  • Sign a liability waiver. Please do this when you make your online reservation. Parents or legal guardians must complete the form on behalf of minors under 18. 

  • Read and understand all instructions. 

  • Understand and accept the risks involved. 

  • Obey instructions given by park staff. 

  • Minors must have supervision while at the park and must adhere to the Age Guidelines for Trail Challenge Levels below. 

  • Start on an easy course of the one that you know fits your abilities. Starting out easier allows you to go to harder routes as you build your confidence.

Age Guidelines for Ropes Courses and Ziplines

The North Shore Adventure Park offers 6 aerial ropes courses with 5 levels of ability for ages 3 to adult. Children under 14 may require supervision from the ground or on the course. Please see below. 


If you can’t accompany children on the course, consider hiring one of our Climbing Guides! Our guides are also perfect for adults that one-on-one support from an experienced climber who is on the course with them

Please note that ages 3-6 climb in a separate area called the Lil' Rascals Adventure Park. See our FAQ's regarding 6 year-olds climbing on the big course.  

Covid-19 Social Distancing Rules:

  • Our staff wear masks and may wear face shields at times.

  • They have their temperatures taken at the start and end of each shift.  

  • For customers, masks are recommended but not required.  Please bring your own. We have a limited number to sell. 

  • Groups will divide into smaller groups of 10. 

  • Platforms are limited to two people at a time. 

  • Obstacles are limited to one person at a time.  

  • Social and picnic areas are far apart and can be reserved for your party with a limit of 10 per area. 

Additional Park Rules

  • An individual’s weight limit cannot exceed 265 lbs.

  • Participants may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Carry out all items that you bring into the park, including trash. 

  • No smoking is allowed in the park.


North Shore Adventure Park

42 Outer Drive

Silver Bay, MN 55614



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