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Employment at the 
North Shore Adventure Park

"This is a really gratifying job. When we can make our guests feel safe and cared for, that is really positive." 

  • Ability or interest in climbing is NOT a prerequisite for working at the North Shore Adventure Park. There are positions available in various departments including Host and Ground Team that do not require athletic ability. 

  • Employment is seasonal from May - October.  

  • Preference may be given to those who can attend staff training in May.

  • Must be able to work through Labor Day.

  • Bonuses are available to those who continue on weekends through October.


Click here for more details on compensation, schedule, housing, and more.  

Job Descriptions

Park Supervisor

Park Supervisor


The Park Supervisor is a part of our leadership team. Their primary responsibility is performing the daily operating tasks and procedures of the park and directing/managing the daily operations of park staff, including cashiers and monitors. The Park Supervisor reports directly to the Park Manager and is an integral part of the leadership structure of the park. 


The Manager and Supervisor job roles are somewhat fluid, based on schedules, skills, and staffing needs. These positions work closely as a team and must communicate regularly, including having regular meetings. Having two experienced people in these positions allows for more flexibility on scheduling, workload, and accountability.  

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

• Open/closing duties, including registers, course inspections, grounds check, and retail inventory 

• Coordinate and monitor staff rotations 

• Responsible for ensuring that park staff meets all customer service, performance, and safety standards 

• Assist in staff training sessions 

• Assist manager as a primary responder for any emergency situations, high course rescues, or customer complaints. 

• Serve as a leader for other park staff members by promoting a positive atmosphere. Have a positive, upbeat attitude, lead by example, and present a professional and mature demeanor to park guests and staff at all times. 

• Perform and excel in all tasks including harnessing guests, delivering safety briefings and gear demonstrations, and observing and assisting guests as they maneuver throughout the park. 

• Assist with park grounds and course maintenance, as needed.

Responsible for inventory management and organizing climbing gear.  

• Perform other duties and responsibilities as needed.

Caitlin on practice line .jpg


Must be available to work a varied schedule including regular weekends and holidays. Peak season for all parks runs from May through late October.  Candidates must have full schedule availability and flexibility during this season, including weekends and holidays. Managers must be comfortable with working overtime hours during peak season as needed, however we promote adequate staffing to reduce the need for overtime.  


• Able to multitask and oversee several aspects of the operation simultaneously 

• Ability to remain calm under pressure and to handle difficult situations professionally 

• Ideal candidate will be a quick and independent learner, and quickly adapt to new situations 

• Climbing experience preferred, but not required 

• Must be comfortable working outside, in all weather conditions 

• This is a supervisory position, requiring strong leadership experience and experience in supervisory positions 

• Excellent attention to detail coupled with the proven ability to multi-task 

• Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel), Google Apps, and other systems involved in records management and documentation 

• Must have exceptionally strong customer service and communication skills 

• Must be a quick and independent learner, able to pick up things on the job and quickly adapt to new situations

• CPR and First Aid Certification or willingness to obtain certificatio

"The work is dynamic with lots of variety! It is fun to meet people from all over the world."




Host staff have an affinity for customer service and are committed to enhancing our guest experience starting at check-in! This position is responsible for ensuring that all guests have an enjoyable and safe experience starting from the moment they step onto our property. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that all participants are welcomed, greeted, checked-in properly, and provided with all the information and assistance they need to begin their adventure.  

They also introduce the park's briefing video to groups of up to 20 and help in harnessing when needed. Hosts also work in the retail shop and assist the ground crew when necessary.

Responsibilities include and are not limited to:

  • Proficiency in the reservation system (after training) 

  • Completing daily course and equipment inspections and grounds duties

  • Harnessing guests to make sure the harness is properly sized and adjusted and climbers feel cared for and safe. 

  • Teaching climbers on the practice course.

  • Assisting in special events, classes, and programs as needed.


  • Proficiency in the reservation system (after training) 

  • Completing daily course and equipment inspections and grounds duties

  • Harnessing guests to make sure the harness is properly sized and adjusted and climbers feel cared for and safe. 

  • Teaching climbers on the practice course.

  • Assisting in special events, classes, and programs as needed.


"I feel that I am rewarded when I take on new challenges and learn new skills."   

Ground Team Monitor

Ground Team Monitor

Our Ground Team Monitors are the lifeguards of the Adventure Park! Monitors are an essential part of the park's customer relations commitment to deliver the safest and most rewarding experience to each and every customer that visits our park.


Ground Team Monitors are trained to monitor climber activities as they challenge themselves on the high ropes courses and ziplines. This position is responsible for ensuring clear, concise, and welcoming instruction to our adventure park climbers. They monitor a zone and scan climbers (like a lifeguard) for emerging problems and assist them as needed, verbally from the ground. With additional training (optional), monitors can assist climbers physically off of the lower platforms, or advance to the Air Team to assist climbers on the high ropes courses and ziplines. 

Responsibilities include, and are not limited to: 

  • Conduct safety inspections of equipment.

  • Perform safety briefing for guests in groups of 20, several times a day.

  • Assist in harnessing guests, teaching them how to use the safety gear, and coaching them through the practice course. 

  • Work on the main platform advising climbers on which challenge trails to try. 

  • Monitor climbers throughout the day.

Staff 22 Liz REV AB.jpg

"We continually develop our skills and learn from each other.  We are expected to get better at our jobs through the season, so we are never bored."  

Air Team Monitor

Air Team Monitor


Air Team Monitors are trained and certified in assisting guests on the high ropes courses and ziplines. This includes assisting a guest who is stuck on a ropes course or zipline. Must be able to respond quickly and professionally, keep calm under pressure, and maintain a confident, reassuring demeanor. In-depth training and ongoing coaching is provided. 


  • Stay engaged with guests while monitoring and scanning the guests on the high ropes course and ziplines.

  • Monitor climbers in the air for emerging problems. Be aware of and address potential issues vs. responding to them after they occur. 

  • Assist guests in the air if they get stuck on a ropes course or zipline. 

  • Communicate with other staff via walkie-talkie to ensure the best monitoring and safest coverage of all park areas.  

  • Remind guests of park rules, especially those involving safety. 

  • Provide excellent and professional customer service.

  • Conduct daily course inspections, and light maintenance around the property. 



  • Must be at least 18 years of age. 

  • Excellent attention to detail and an extreme dedication to customer service

  • Must have a passion for working with people

Staff practice their zip line assists-2 REV MD 2 crop.jpg
Axe Thowing Coach

"This is a really gratifying job. When we can make our guests feel safe and cared for, that is really positive."

Axe Throwing Coach


This job requires someone who is enthusiastic and customer service oriented. The responsibilities of an instructor involve facilitating a safe and fun atmosphere, explaining safety guidelines, and ensuring that all patrons have a wonderful time. Customer service experience is a plus, throwing experience is not needed.  We will provide paid training. Handyman-woman skills are a bonus. This position will be cross-trained in all other North Shore Adventure Park duties/roles and you will be expected to fill these as needed.

Job Duties

  • Ensuring safety measures are being followed

  • Instruct on proper throwing techniques

  • Matchmaking/Scorekeeping

  • Quality control of arenas, areas and axes

  • Representation of both the Park and IATF standards.

  • Also, enjoy yourself! If you have fun, so will the patrons — and tips will likely follow!


Physical requirements

  • Walk and stand during the entire shift.

  • Continuously reach, bend, lift, carry, stoop and wipe.

  • Be able to lift up to 35 lbs.

  • Fine motor skills for regular lane and facility upkeep.

  • Be able to hear and talk.

  • Good close and distance vision and ability to adjust focus between the two.

Employment Details

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