Climb & Zip at the North Shore Adventure Park

6 Trails  |  5 Levels of Difficulty |  10 Ziplines

Start out on an easy trail to learn the ropes (pun intended!). Practice using the Always Locked On safety system, and make your way across easier obstacles like the Netted Bridge and the Wobbly Chinese Ladder. 


Each trail graduates to being higher off the ground, and having more difficult obstacles. Before you know it, you’ll be conquering the Bouncy Flying Rings, the Swinging Step Bridge, and the Giant Hanging U Ropes! 


Each trail has one or more ziplines as part of the course.  The ropes courses and ziplines are a combined experience. 

400-Foot Dual Racing Ziplines

One of our easy trails features a set of 400-Foot Dual Racing Ziplines! Make your way across the trail to two side-by-side elevated platforms. Challenge your friend to a zipline race by taking off at the same time. See who zips the fastest across the 400’ cable! It’s an exhilarating ride that will leave you laughing! 

Lil’ Rascals Adventure Park

Kids aged 3 - 6 can climb and zip at our Lil’ Rascals Adventure Park. With easy obstacles that are low to the ground and a short zipline, it’s a safe and fun challenge for little ones! Help your lil’ rascal through the course and watch them build confidence as they navigate the obstacles. 


Although the course is low to the ground, and supervision is required, Lil’ Rascals are still required to wear a harness and use the Always Locked On safety system. 


North Shore Adventure Park

42 Outer Drive

Silver Bay, MN 55614



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