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Donation Policies

⚠️We are unable to process requests for donations until May 2024, when our new registration system is in place. Thanks for your patience. 

Rather than struggle to constantly process a large number of requests, we find it more effective to support the work that we value as a business and as members of the North Shore Community. 

These priorities also reflect the activities and organizations that have supported us and allowed us and our families to be healthy and active throughout our lives.

​With that in mind, we focus on longer-term partnerships rather than one-time contributions.  For that reason, we don’t often support fundraisers, auctions, or giveaways since the number of requests is too great for our small staff.  

We prefer to give more to organizations that can support others in their community. For example, we donate to parent/teacher groups rather than to each fundraising campaign in a school.  


Our priority is to support healthy, non-motorized outdoor activities for people of all ages. 


With that goal, we support: 

  • Organizations that make active outdoor activities more accessible and user-friendly.  

  • Clean Air and Water. 

  • Reducing plastics in the environment. 

  • Literacy, public libraries, and reading incentive programs. (Because reading and learning lead to environmental stewardship and open minds).   

  • Safe Routes to School, school patrol, and youth bike clubs, and parent/teacher organizations. 

Examples of organizations we support include:

  • Public Libraries from Duluth to Grand Marais. 

  • Parent/teacher organization in Duluth and the North Shore. 

  • Active living for families: school patrols and safe routes to school. 

  • Trail associations that promote active living, especially the Gitchi-Gami Trail Association.


If your organization is interested in partnering with us to enhance these missions, please tell us how your group fits into our giving priorities by using this form


Once we receive your submission, we will review it and contact you if it is a match.        

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