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Plan Your Visit 

North Shore Adventure Park

Before you arrive


  • Make a reservation online to get the best rate, to get your preferred time, and comply with our social distancing initiatives. 

  • Sign waivers for all climbers in the reservation. Parents or guardians must sign for climbers under age 18. To access the waiver, see your email confirmation. Click the link to sign the waiver. 

  • Closed-toe shoes are mandatory. 

  • You may bring gloves, purchase gloves at the time of reservation (or at our Adventure Store), or use our complimentary, sanitized gloves. See more details about gloves below.

  • Arrive 20 minutes prior to your reserved climbing time. We may not be able to shift times. 

When you arrive



  • Send one person from your party to check-in at the Adventure Store. 

  • Have your email confirmation handy. The host will welcome you and verify your waivers.


Harnessing & Safety Video

  • All climbers must watch a short safety video. 

  • Next, a park monitor will show you how to put on your harness, and how to use the “always locked on” system. 

  • You will get to practice how to use the "always locked on" system on the practice course. 


Climb & Zip

  • Now you are ready to begin your first ropes course! 

  • Tickets last for 2.5 hours, including harnessing and safety video. 

What to Wear  |  What Not to Wear


  • Wear close-toed shoes! Flip flops or sandals are not permitted while climbing. 

  • Bring, buy, or borrow a pair of gloves. See details about gloves below. 

  • Do not wear loose clothing or scarves that can get caught in rope and cable. 

  • Tie back hair longer than shoulder length.

  • If you have your phone while climbing, make sure it is secured on your body so it doesn’t fall. We suggest a low-profile clear plastic carrier that is attached to your body. 

  • While climbing, fanny packs are permitted; backpacks are not permitted. 

  • Please note there is a 265 lb individual weight limit. 

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Gloves are essential to protect your hands on the course so they don’t get cut or chapped. You will be gripping heavy rope and cable on the obstacles. 

We offer gloves that you can borrow at no charge. These are sterilized after each use. 


There is also the option to purchase gloves at the time that you make your online reservation. We have three varieties available for $7. They are also available for purchase at our park retail store.


If you bring your own gloves, we suggest tight-fitting gloves that allow your fingers the dexterity to clip/unclip your carabineers and to tightly grip rope and cable. Typical options may include close-fitting athletic gloves or yard gloves.


Children under 14 may require supervision from the ground or on the course. Please see below. 

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What to bring into the Park 


  • Leave valuables in your vehicle. 

  • Bring a full water bottle. You may refill it at our dispensers.  

  • Bug spray and sunscreen are recommended. 

  • You may bring your own food and beverage, or bring take-out from a local restaurant.

  • Please carry out your trash. 

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There are two options: 

  • On the frontage road adjacent to Highway 61 (no RVs, buses or trailers on this road). 

  • On Outer Drive just past the first motel driveway. 

Cancellation & Bad Weather:


A Park Credit will be issued for the cancellation of any reservation. The amount will be held on your account and can be used for any future reservation or purchase at The North Shore Adventure Park. Credits may also be given to others. They never expire. 


You may cancel up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled time. Email us at



Bad Weather

The Adventure Park is open rain, shine, or cold! However, the park will temporarily close in the case of thunderstorms or high winds. 

If you are at the park and storms prevent you from climbing, you have options:

  • Wait for the storm to pass and resume your climb. 

  • Accept a voucher to use during another visit.

If you choose to cancel due to weather, please do so at least two hours before your reservation. Email us at If email is not an option, call the park at 218.220.5330.


Important Things to Know


Please see our Park Rules and Frequently Asked Questions for important things to know as you plan your trip. 

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