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How to redeem gift cards, coupon codes, and account credits

  • Gift Card or Account Credit

    • During the online ticket purchase, click “Apply Gift Card or Account Credit” in the payment section (below the space for your credit card info). You will be prompted to enter the information from your gift card or account credit.

  • Promo Code or Coupon Code

    • click Add Promo Code in the payment section to apply the discount.

  • Please note that coupons in tourism guides are only valid for the year of the publication. For example, coupons in the 2020 Best of the North Shore guide are now expired.

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Redeeming a Voucher

  • On the first page of the online ticket system, click Redeem Vouchers. That will prompt you to enter your voucher number. After that you can book a time-slot for your visit.

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