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Social Distancing Policies

We comply with the State of Minnesota Covid-19 protocols. Here are some new procedures that we have implemented. 

Online Reservations


Save money by making your reservation online! 

Our online reservation system will give you the best rates, and helps our social distancing initiatives. By booking online in advance (from your car, hotel, or where ever), it reduces the number of people around our registration and welcome area. 


Our occupancy is limited, so be sure to book early to choose the best times!

We Limit Occupancy


We have 75 obstacles spread over 3 acres, but are limiting the number reservations to 30 climbers per hour.  This is a significant reduction compared to pre-Covid-19 levels. 

Social Distancing Rules

  • They have their temperatures taken at the start and end of each shift.  

  • For customers, masks are recommended but not required.  Please bring your own. We also have masks available for purchase.

  • Divide large groups into smaller ones. 

  • Platforms are limited to two people at a time. 

  • Obstacles are limited to one person at a time.  

  • Social and picnic areas are far apart and available for your party with a limit of 10 per area.   

Hands-free sanitizer stations are available: 

  • At check-in

  • Before climbing

  • After climbing 

  • At the exits 

  • Outside of restrooms

Cleaning Procedures


All gear is used only once per day by customers. Gear is not offered to a second customer unless it has been sterilized.  After each use, gear is put in a sanitation zone to be cleaned and sterilized. We use 70% alcohol spray and/or machine washing and sun drying. 

Protocol for Adventure Park Staff


Our staff are trained on social distancing protocols including (and not limited to):

  • Social distance as much as possible. 

  • Wear a shield when you must be closer than 6 feet to a visitor.

  • Don’t share harness, gloves, or other work gear with other staff members

  • Wash your hands frequently and use sanitizer as necessary. 

  • Take your temperature and record it on the staff check-in system

  • Don’t come to work if you feel sick. 


North Shore Adventure Park

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