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Covid-19 Policies

We comply with the State of Minnesota Covid-19 protocols. 

Masking Requirements


While masking requirements are changing as we move into summer 2021, the Adventure Park requires face masks to be worn for approx. the first 30 minutes of your visit. Masks are required while watching the safety briefing, harnessing, and on the practice line.


Guests may remove their face masks while climbing but are required to wear them if they are being assisted by our staff on the zipline or other elements.

Our staff works closely with over 10,500 visitors from all over the United States throughout the season. As a result, they can be very exposed, and that is why we continue to require masks to be worn while on the ground or when working with our employees. Show some love for our wonderful staff and help keep them protected!

Hands-free sanitizer stations are available: 

  • At check-in

  • Before climbing

  • After climbing 

  • At the exits 

  • Outside of restrooms

Cleaning Procedures


Our complimentary gloves for guests to use while at the park are sanitized after each use. We use 70% alcohol spray and/or machine washing and sun drying. 

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