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Fun for Every Family Member at the Adventure Park!

Updated: May 30, 2022

Nothing creates lifelong memories quite like a multi-generation family trip! But planning an activity that caters to all tastes and abilities can be tricky.

That’s why the North Shore Adventure Park is the perfect place for families of all generations - there’s something for everyone! While a ropes and zipline course may sound intense, our courses have varying levels of difficulty, and all are welcome to go at their own pace.

If climbing isn’t your thing, watching your family navigate the obstacles from the ground is just as fun (and free). Pack a picnic, reserve a picnic table, bring your camera and you're set for a fun couple of hours of multi-generational family fun!

Lil' Rascals Adventure Playground

For ages 3 to 6, there is the Li’l Rascals Adventure Playground with easy obstacles low to the ground and a sit-down zipline. There’s nothing like watching your little ones build confidence as they navigate the course.

High Ropes Courses and Ziplines

For ages 7 and above, there are six high ropes courses with five levels of difficulty. Your fearless teen might be an expert climber on a tough course while you take it slower on an easy one. You don’t need to be on the same course or climbing at the same pace to support one another and share the experience. You may be surprised by what you and your loved ones can accomplish!

Grandfather and child wearing a harness for the high ropes course. Their arms are up showing their mussles.

Something for ages 3 - 80!

There is a lot to do on the North Shore of Minnesota, but not many opportunities for ages 3 to 80 all in one place! The Adventure Park is a great place to try something new, challenge yourself and make lasting memories with your family. You will want to come back year after year!

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