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5 ways the North Shore Adventure Park supports the environment

The North Shore Adventure Park strives to “think globally and act locally” by taking care of our small slice of the world. We are proud of what we have accomplished in just 4 years. Take a look at what we're doing:

1. We improved a declining birch forest to give healthy trees air and sunlight to grow and thrive. The park’s home is in a forest next to Lake Superior. These forests are overwhelmed with dying birch trees due to the age of the trees and little mitigation efforts to sustain and diversify the forest. Since trees are the foundation of the park, it was essential for us to improve our slice of the forest by thinning the dying trees to give the healthy ones more room to grow and prosper. Our forest is now getting greener, healthier, and prettier every year. Check out our beautiful fall color!

2. We protect our trees. Did you know that the North Shore Adventure Park is one of the only adventure parks that utilizes trees as a foundation of the park? The high ropes courses and ziplines are connected to healthy trees by a clever gravity system so the platforms and cables don’t harm the trees. The platforms are held in place using wood wedges and slats, also called tree protectors. We do not nail, drill, or restrict the growth or health of our trees. Look for these systems next time you climb!

3. We support making it easier and safer to bike or walk to the park. The newest connector of the Gitchi Gami Bike Trail comes right to the park. This paved path provides a continuous bike ride from Gooseberry State Park all the way to Silver Bay. You can also bike or walk to the park from the Black Beach campground. The all-terrain trail between the campground and the Americinn Motel takes you under the highway and right to our park.

4. We support organizations that promote non-motorized outdoor activities for people of all ages. Through events, memberships, and in-kind promotions, we seek out partnerships with businesses and nonprofits that make active outdoor activities more accessible and user-friendly, promote clean air and water, and reduce plastics in the environment. Below is a picture of the Superior Hiking Trail along the Beaver River, just a couple miles from the Adventure Park.

5. We strive to reduce plastic waste at the park. As we source products for our retail store, as well as supplies for the park, we look at sustainable packaging and products made with recycled materials. We supply cold drinking water for guests to refill using their own water bottles.

6. We welcome your ideas on how we can make the park greener and more sustainable. Meanwhile, pack your reusable water bottles for your next visit!

Visit our Tickets Page to plan your next visit to the North Shore Adventure Park!

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