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5 reasons to visit the Adventure Park in the fall

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

1. Climb & zip through the fall color

Perhaps the most obvious reason to visit the North Shore during autumn is to see the fall colors. Our high ropes courses and ziplines take you up into the trees for an up-close view of the leaves! Climb and zip your way through the fall foliage, and feel like you’re a part of nature.

2. Try out axe throwing

Axe throwing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and it's now at the North Shore Adventure Park! Stick your axe in the target and you’re hooked! This is a fun, low-stress activity that is perfect for friends, family, and groups. Make it competitive or keep it light.

Our unique outdoor venue has 6 lanes accommodating up to 4 people each. Open from 1pm - 6pm on our operating days. Learn more about axe throwing here!

3. Climb in cooler weather

Climbing can work up a sweat, so the cooler weather and autumn breeze can be a relief. If you get too chilly, we have a number of cozy North Shore Adventure Park sweatshirts available for purchase.

4. No mosquitos!

Is there anything worse than planning a trip and then being stuck inside from biting bugs? By September, most of the insects on the North Shore have moved on and buzzed off. Hooray!

5. Experience fall on the North Shore

The North Shore is beautiful any time of year, but especially during the fall. Combine your trip to the Adventure Park with a tour of the North Shore to enjoy the fall colors, and the relaxed atmosphere. Take a hike or a bike ride through the woods, by Lake Superior, past waterfalls, and to spectacular vistas. The photo below shows the fall colors along the trail to the Silver Bay Overlook, which is located very close to the Adventure Park.

Check out our blog Things to do near the Adventure Park for more ideas.

Make Plans to climb & zip this fall!

We close for the winter after MEA weekend, the third weekend in October, so book your tickets now!

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