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Outdoor Student Experiences on the North Shore

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Get your group out of the classroom and into the forest at the North Shore Adventure Park! Our 75 treetop obstacles and zip lines make a great activity for youth groups to not just have fun and get outside, but to build confidence, problem solving skills and memories that will last a lifetime.

While you're here, take advantage of the many educational opportunities the North Shore has to offer.

Youth Group Activity on the North Shore MN

Your group, be it a school group, church group, sports team, or scouts, can spread out across our three acres for a unique outdoor experience on the North Shore of Minnesota.

Our high ropes courses and ziplines have five levels of difficulty, allowing students ages 7+ to challenge themselves at their own pace. As climbers work their way across the aerial obstacles, they are not only challenging themselves to conquer the obstacles and ziplines, they are bonding with their peers (and the adults!) as they cheer each other on.

Above all, they are having fun and building confidence! Check out the details about our high ropes courses and ziplines at the North Shore Adventure Park.

Educational opportunities on the North Shore

While your group is on the North Shore, take advantage of the many other educational themes and opportunities in the area! Here are a few ideas:

Lake Superior and it's Geology

If your students have never been to Lake Superior, make sure to the water when you visit the North Shore Adventure Park.

There are countless places along the shoreline to access and view the lake. Students can learn how glaciers carved the landscape, leaving cobblestones, ledgerock and massive cliffs. Palisade Head, pictured here, is just minutes from the park!

Rivers, Streams, & Waterfalls

Hundreds of rivers and streams flow into Lake Superior. There's even one that goes through the Adventure Park!

Rivers and streams are great places to explore the ecology of the North Shore.

Head up to nearby Temperance River State Park to hike along the Baptism river and witness four beautiful waterfalls.

Healthy Forests

The North Shore is home to a diverse boreal forest. Teach your students to notice different types of trees, like birch, aspen and conifer.

In addition to tree species, the Superior National Forest provides an opportunity to learn about how to manage and maintain a healthy forest.

Minnesota History

The North Shore has a rich, unique history. Take this opportunity to visit Split Rock Lighthouse to learn about its impact on Great Lakes shipping in the early 1900's.

Other historical sites include the Civilian Conservation Corps structures at Gooseberry Falls and the Depot and Lighthouse Museums in Two Harbors, to name a few.

How Mining Changed the Landscape

Here in Silver Bay, we are part of Minnesota's iron mining industry with an active taconite processing plant.

Head to beautiful Black Beach to see how the industry created this unique black sand beach on Lake Superior. It's right across the street form the North Shore Adventure Park!

Plan a youth group adventure at the North Shore Adventure Park!

We are booking groups for the fall! We are open to the public Friday & Saturday, and can book private groups during the week through October 14, 2021.

Please use our request form if you are interested in bringing your group for an outdoor student experience at the North Shore Adventure Park.

We look forward to seeing you at the North Shore Adventure Park!

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