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Season Pass

Unlimited Climbs - Fall 2021

Buy a season pass and climb as many times as you want from now through October 24, 2021.  


Single-pass: $150 plus tax. 

Family Four Pack Pass:  $400 plus tax. 



Make a reservation for your friends for 15% off 

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Choose a Solo Pass or Family Pass

Important Notes:

  1. After you purchase the tickets, share the waiver link with the others on your order (if any) and make sure they all sign before coming to the park. 

  2. Email us at to confirm your purchase. You must also send the names of the waivered individuals you want to be associated with your season pass.

  3. Once we confirm your pass, we will issue you a season passcode and you may make reservations on our website via your season passcode.

  4. When you want to climb, you must make a reservation online using the season passcode. Walkups are not accepted.

  5. Children 14 and under may need supervision from the ground or on the course. See below. 


Bring friends and they get a discount too (advance purchase required)! 

  1. Reserve and pay for their tickets with your season passcode and their tickets are automatically discounted by $15%

  2. Share the waiver link with your guests.  

  3. You must accompany your guests to the park. Their tickets are not valid unless the season pass holder is present.

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Your order is not finished until you complete the steps to sign your waivers. 

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