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Group Booking Process

Corporate groups, large families, and private parties


Make your reservations online.

We accept 15-20 guests per half hour. You will need to book for adjacent time slots if your group is over the limit. The reservation system will tell you if it is over capacity.  We may be able to adjust this for you if you have a very large group. 

We climb rain or shine and tickets are non-refundable

If you need to cancel due to weather you will receive a voucher so your group can reschedule. It is uncommon to be completely rained out, most likely it’s a delay. 


Before contacting us, please review this info: 

Park Rules


Non-profits, schools, and youth groups: 

There is a 15-person minimum for ages 7 - Adult. There is no limit for ages 3-6 as long as you have 15 people aged 7 - Adult.  

Fill in the request form 


Be sure to list: 

  • Your top three options for days and times to visit. 

  • The number of people in each age category of 7 - 13, and 14+. 


Send us your tax-exempt form immediately

Send your tax-exempt to Next we will send you a link to make your tax-exempt reservations, along with a coupon code. 


Once we receive your tax-exempt form, we will send you a link to book online with no tax. If you are booking on a day we are closed to the public, we will set up the booking for you. In high season (June 20 - Labor Day) we usually close on Tuesdays. We may ask you to choose another day if you can.  


Non-Profit pricing: 

Non-profits receive a $5 discount on all tickets.  Here are ticket prices: Reduce by $5. 

Please contact us if you have any questions. Remember, if you wait too long into the season, your preferred days and times may not be available.

Fill in the request form

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