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5 myths about adventure parks, busted!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

If you think climbing the high ropes courses and ziplines is too hard and not for you, think again!

People of all ages and all abilities have a blast at the Adventure Park. The park was designed for every-day people to enjoy and discover just how much they can do! Like the guests mentioned below, you too will have fun conquering the high ropes at your own pace, and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Myth #1 - You have to be super fit

You do not need to be an athlete to have a great experience on the high ropes course. The North Shore Adventure Park consists of six courses with five levels of difficulty. Start on an easy course and work your way up from there at your own pace.

“This Adventure Park was awesome!” said Mark G. “There was a good variety of obstacles and skill levels for everyone. The video at the beginning was helpful as an introduction to the course and the equipment. Then, the practice clip-in lines were super helpful to get you comfortable with how to move through the course. The staff were really helpful.”

Myth #2 - You have to be a daredevil

You don’t have to be a daredevil, but part of the fun of the Adventure Park is pushing yourself and facing your fears in a safe and controlled environment. Yes, the obstacles are up high in the trees, but you are safely harnessed and attached to the course with the “always locked on” safety system. If you get stuck on the course, our specially trained staff will come and help you or give you coaching from the ground.

Afraid of heights? No problem, we have two options for you. Stick with the easier courses that are closer to the ground. The more difficult courses are higher in the trees. If you decide to skip the climb, you can still have a wonderful time by cheering on your friends and family from below. Non-climbers pay no entrance fee.

“I brought my 14 and 10-year-olds here for the grand opening,” one guest said. “My kids had a blast!!! I had no intentions of participating myself but once we got there the energy of the place was so amazing and powerful that I also climbed. It was scary, fun and empowering!! The staff was friendly and made it such a special day for my kids.”

Myth #3 - Little kids can’t climb

In addition to our high ropes courses and ziplines (for ages 7+), our Li’l Rascals Playground offers a safe and fun challenge for kids aged 3 to 6. The low to the ground obstacles help little ones build confidence and fine-tune motor skills. There’s even a sit-down zipline! Supervision is required, and there is no fee for supervising adults that are not climbing.

Kids age 7 and up may climb many of the bigger courses with varying levels of adult supervision.

“This was an awesome experience for my kids and me,” said April B. “My 4-year-old had a blast on the little kid course, while the 11 and 13-year-old enjoyed the rest. They tested their limits with the blue and the black diamond courses. My 13-year-old son made it halfway through the black diamond. This was our second visit and we’ll definitely be back.”

Myth #4 Adventure parks aren’t for older people

This is definitely not true! The North Shore Adventure Park’s founder, Phil, turned 70 this year and completes the most difficult course on every visit! In fact, he loves coaching other climbers over age 60 on how to challenge themselves on the harder elements.

Climbing at the Adventure Park is a must-do activity for active adults of all ages! It’s also a great opportunity for a multi-generational family activity that can engage every family member, whether they are climbing or watching.

Brian K. said he was surprised with what his 70-year-old mother, Jan, taught him on the course! “She completed the yellow course and ALL the green courses! The time flew by that day! Everyone had a blast from ages 8 to 70!”

Myth #5 - You’ll do it only once

Our guests have so much fun they come back year after year! Even after completing all the courses, there are always new skills to be learned and techniques to try. Plus, we offer packages to make it easier to return many times in one season.

“I cannot say enough good things!” said Cassandra B. “The staff, especially Phil, was awesome and helpful! The courses were very fun! Loved that they had stuff that was quite challenging to do! Definitely planning to come back!!”

Plan a trip to the North Shore Adventure Park

We are open from mid-May - MEA Weekend (the 4th weekend in October).

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